Demonstrating responsible management of lead in the battery value chain

Addressing stakeholder concerns-progress in the development of a lead battery value chain stewardship programme

Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff (EUROBAT, Belgium)

Lead-based batteries are currently the only available mass market technology for SLI applications in vehicles and are also the most important battery chemistry for many industrial applications, representing approximately 75% of global rechargeable energy storage. The high collection and recycling rate of lead-based batteries in the developed world is an environmental success story that allows this battery chemistry to be considered one of the most sustainable. However, some stakeholders still consider the technology to be polluting and call for substitution with alternative energy storage solutions.

In April 2018 European stakeholders from the lead battery value chain representing battery producers, lead battery recyclers and primary lead producers came together to discuss options for addressing these reputational issues. This spawned the idea of developing a material stewardship programme for the lead battery value chain that would allow collective action to enhance our reputation focusing on three key areas; responsible recycling, responsible sourcing and enhancing EHS performance of companies in the lead battery value chain.

Hannes will provide an update on the drafting of a set of guiding principles that will define our commitment and will describe progress made on other elements of a comprehensive material stewardship programme to address stakeholders’ concerns.


Vice President Industry and Governmental Relations, Managing Director, Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA

President of EUROBAT


Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff has been Vice President Industry and Governmental Relations for Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) since May 2012.

Dempwolff started his career at Varta Autobatterie GmbH. He was employed in various sales and marketing positions in Canada, Spain and Germany. Dempwolff has been a management board member since 2001. He was also responsible for OEM Sales Europe at board level up until 2012. When the company was taken over by Johnson Controls in 2002 Dempwolff was involved in the strong expansion of the original equipment manufacturer business.

Dempwolff has a Master degree in Macro Economics from the University Hamburg

Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff

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