Demonstrating responsible management of lead in the battery value chain

Improving sustainable lead battery manufacturing and recycling in the developing world

Vijay Pareekh (Gravita, India)

Lead acid batteries are an undisputable option for a powerful, affordable and sustainable energy storage device. Lead metal constitute more than 70% of their cost. Globally more than 80% lead is recycled and only 20% of the global requirement comes from virgin metal form.

The efficiency and productivity in the process of lead recycling is key for the entire industry. The process of handling of used lead acid battery, transportation of these batteries to recycling centres and processing to established environment best practice, makes available recycled lead for reuse in new applications. The environmental performance of operations in the territories like India, Africa and other developing nations is often a concern. We have invested our energy in Africa to make sure recycling of used lead acid batteries is carried o in environmentally friendly manner. This not only conserves resources but also ensures a clean environment.

Our presentation covers a brief about secondary lead market dynamics, best recycling practices in the developing world, Gravita as an organization and Gravita’s global contribution to environmentally sound recycling of Lead acid batteries.


Mr. Vijay Pareek is Executive Director at Gravita India Ltd. He is a regular participant and speaker at various international conferences. In the past 26 years of experience, his assignments were spread in diversified sectors includes power and Energy sector and Non-ferrous metals. Mr. Pareek holds a degree in Metallurgy and Masters in Business Administration.

Vijay Pareekh

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