Innovation: a roadmap for advanced lead batteries

Recent advancement in lead battery technology and future innovations

DDr Francisco Trinidad (Exide Europe, Spain)

The lead acid battery is a mature product that, in spite of being invented more 150 years ago, is still in development and has had significant performance improvements in the last two decades.

Advances in car manufacturing design, together with all the network of automotive part supplier own developments, have made the automotive industry the main driver for battery innovation.

In recent years, the progressive vehicle electrification to reduce emissions but also in order to provide increased safety and comfort to the users, have required from battery manufacturers significant changes in the product design in order be able to cope with new requirements like improved charge acceptance (to recuperate the energy from short braking events) or the ability to maintain the cranking performance at low state of charge along many years of use.

Progress in the car design will reinforce the trend for further evolution and adaptation to the new technologies at a faster speed than before, driven by more demanding environmental regulations to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

As a consequence of that, lead acid battery manufacturers are being challenged to introduce new technologies to revolutionize the industry with new design concepts (like Bipolar plates), components (micro-grid current collectors or improved separators) and additives (including a large variety of nanostructured organic and inorganic materials).


Doctor in Electrochemistry, he received M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree at the University of Madrid. He joined Tudor Spain in 1977 and became R&D laboratory manager in Azuqueca (Spain) in 1986 and later Development Director for the Industrial division in Madrid and Soest (Germany) from 1992 to 1996. After Exide acquisition of several battery groups in Europe (Tudor, Ceac, BIG, Deta,..) he was nominated as Research Director in Paris (France), then Development Director Transportation Europe and most recently as responsible for Basic Research, including R&D labs and Basic Processes in Exide Europe. In the actual position he is Director of Battery Technology. Author of more than 60 papers and 20 patents, he has made numerous presentations on battery technology and related conferences. After more than 41 years of experience with several electrochemical systems, he is a worldwide recognized battery expert in the industry.

Dr Francisco Trinidad

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