Who cares about lead anyway? Improving awareness and understanding of lead and lead batteries

Seeking recognition for lead and lead batteries through globally coordinated communication
initiatives and messaging

Hywel Jarman (International Lead Association, United Kingdom)

The lead and lead battery industries face some of the toughest reputational and regulatory challenges in industry. However the changing macropolitical landscape, as the focus shifts to achieving a low carbon future and greater electrification, opens up new opportunities for the lead and lead battery value chains to contribute to meeting global challenges while continuing to grow and thrive. The extended value chain of lead, lead recycling, and lead battery manufacturing, alongside many other important uses of lead, is not well understood by influencers and decision-makers. The challenge for the entire industry is to make itself heard and to demonstrate its relevance to the future. In this presentation we will look at how the industry can define itself in a rapidly changing world, and we will explore the alignment between global communications and advocacy initiatives already underway and consider how, with ongoing professional communications and engagement, we can help change the conversation about lead.


Hywel Jarman is Director of Communications at the ILA. He is a journalist and corporate communications specialist with extensive experience in private and public sector public affairs and advocacy roles in the UK and Europe.

Hywel Jarman

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