Future outlook for lead and lead batteries

The path to extinction? Do recent developments in the global regulatory landscape really threaten lead’s future?

Steve Binks (International Lead Association, UK)

The market for lead now depends on the future of the lead battery. Whilst the huge increases in global energy demand opens up new opportunities for energy storage applications there are real question marks as to whether lead batteries will benefit from this revolution as a result of regulation that is pushing for substitution or increasing operating costs.

Steve will provide an overview of recent global regulatory developments impacting manufacturing and recycling of lead batteries in the context of wider policy and macro trends driving the battery market. He will also set out an analysis of regulations impacting other applications of lead or to provide an outline of what the industry is doing to combat these threats.


Steve Binks joined ILA as Regulatory Affairs Director in October 2011, having previously worked as Director of Hazard Assessment & Communication at the Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. He is a European Registered Toxicologist and began his career at the Institute of Occupational Health in Birmingham researching the occupational carcinogenicity of nickel and chromium compounds. He has been employed in roles involving understanding and influencing developing legislation since joining SC Johnson as European Product Safety Manager in 1991. He is currently the chair of the Eurometaux Regulatory forum that is the platform established to assess EU legislative development impacting Associations and companies in the non-ferrous metals sector.

Steve Binks

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