Demonstrating responsible management of lead in the battery value chain

Understanding the scale of the problem, crafting solutions: The health threat posed by informal battery recycling in low and middle-income countries

Richard Fuller (Pure Earth, United States)

Mr. Fuller will present on battery recycling in low and middle income countries. While batteries are well managed in the US and Europe, in developing countries more than 50% of batteries are recycled informally increasing the risk of lead contamination. The resultant exposure of lead to local communities is significant, making it a public health problem in the world. Mr. Fuller will present data showing the extent of that exposure, including cardiovascular impact and mild mental retardation. He will also discuss ways for the lead community to respond, outlining strategies that can reduce the health burden of lead globally.


Richard Fuller is an Australian-born environmentalist, founder and President of Pure Earth, a non-profit dedicated to solving pollution problems in developing countries. Mr. Fuller initiated and leads the Secretariat of the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, and in October 2017 co-chaired the seminal Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health.

Richard Fuller

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