Future outlook for lead and lead batteries
Opening Remarks

Andy Bush, Managing Director, International Lead Association, United Kingdom

Florian von Steinkeller, Executive General Manager, Britannia Refined Metals and ILA Chairman, United Kingdom

Aim: To consider the global outlook for lead and lead batteries through the views of leading industry analysts.

Lead Market Outlook: Can the primary side deliver?

Christine Meilton, CRU, United Kingdom

In all the EV hype, don’t forget the e-bike

Huw Roberts, CHR Metals Limited, United Kingdom

Recent domestic policy developments and their implications for China’s lead industry

Jianbin Meng, International Lead and Zinc Study Group, Portugal

Over the hill or more to give? Future market outlook for lead batteries

Geoffrey May, Focus Consulting, United Kingdom

The path to extinction? Do recent developments in the global regulatory landscape really threaten lead’s future?

Steve Binks, International Lead Association, United Kingdom

Lead Metallurgy is fundamental to the circular economy

Markus Reuter, Director-Helmholtz-Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, Germany

Panel discussion

Innovation: a roadmap for advanced lead batteries

Aim: The Consortium for Battery Innovation is publishing a technical roadmap setting out a research programme with performance targets designed to help fast-track the development of the next generation of lead batteries. This session will include a discussion on the roadmap and new market opportunities for lead batteries.

The future for lead batteries – the work of the Consortium for Battery Innovation

Alistair Davidson, Consortium for Battery Innovation, United Kingdom

Recent advancement in lead battery technology and future innovations

Dr Francisco Trinidad, Exide Europe, Spain

Opportunities for lead batteries in energy storage applications

Angie Rolufs, Paragon, United States

Expanding energy storage market in India and the increasing role of lead batteries

L Pugazhenthy, India Lead Zinc Development Association, India

Panel discussion

Demonstrating responsible management of lead in the battery value chain
Aim: To ensure the future sustainability of lead batteries, concerns over raw material sourcing and the environmentally sound management of end-of-life products must be addressed. This session considers initiatives to tackle reputational challenges associated with lead batteries.
Materials Stewardship – maximising sustainability of metals

John Atherton, Metal Stewardship Ltd, United Kingdom

The London Metals Exchange Responsible Sourcing Initiative

Hugo Brodie, London Metal Exchange, United Kingdom

Understanding the scale of the problem, crafting solutions: The health threat posed by informal battery recycling in low and middle-income countries

Rich Fuller, Pure Earth, United States

Improving sustainable lead battery manufacturing and recycling in the developing world

Vijay Pareekh, Gravita, India

Rebuilding trust – the importance of setting continuous improvement targets for EHS performance

Jason Jones, Ecobat Technologies, United Kingdom

Addressing stakeholder concerns – progress in the development of a lead battery value chain stewardship programme

Johann-Friedrich Dempwolff, Clarios, Germany

Panel discussion
Who cares about lead anyway? Improving awareness and understanding of lead and lead batteries

Aim: To discuss communications programmes that are positioning lead batteries as key enablers for decarbonisation, electrification and the circular economy.

Seeking recognition for lead and lead batteries through globally coordinated communication initiatives and messaging

Hywel Jarman, International Lead Association, United Kingdom

Being part of the conversation – the role of companies in effective communications

Donna Snyder, East Penn Manufacturing, United States

EU communications programme in support of lead battery advocacy objectives

Gert Meylemans, EUROBAT, Belgium

Essential Energy Everyday – telling the lead battery story in the United States

Lisa Dry, Battery Council International, United States

Panel discussion

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